Founder Greg Silverman Talks Industry with KTLA’s Frank Buckley

June 30, 2017

Greg Silverman, KTLA, Frank Buckley, Warner Bros

What’s it like to run one of the biggest movie studios in the world?  How do you find and develop IP like HARRY POTTER and THE HANGOVER while attending back-to-back meetings seven days a week and managing hundreds of people? How do you blow off steam when your daily responsibilities include overseeing worldwide development and production, and mentoring a team of 4 assistants and countless executives? How do you dominate the world’s most scrutinized creative industry while also raising four young sons?

According to our founder – Greg Silverman – it’s all about attitude. His prescription for success is understanding that you’re “a small part of it, even though [you] have the big job”.  In this podcast, Greg talks advice, anecdotes, apprenticeship, and the elusive secret sauce for success in Hollywood with KTLA’s Frank Buckley. Hear the interview below and for more on Frank’s feature, click here: