Colour Associates’ 2nd Annual Next Up List

Colour Associates’ 2nd Annual Next Up List

Please join us in celebrating our 2020 cohort! These ten individuals have been working hard to be NEXT UP in the entertainment industry. This list celebrates the diversity we see in the corporate-creative business today.

“We are thrilled to share our 2nd annual NEXT UP list because we truly believe we are shining a light on the best and the brightest of the next generation of BIPOC leaders in Hollywood.  It is imperative that we uplift, encourage, and support these young influencers who we believe will help shape and reflect not only the face of what Hollywood will look like, but the content and talent we put forth around the world.  Congratulations to everyone!”

 – Eric Kim, Executive Liaison to Colour Associates, Colour Entertainment

“We are pleased to recognize the next generation of leaders in the industry. Each one of these rising stars bring with them the promise of great things to come.”

 – Kelly Edwards, President, Colour Entertainment

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