A premium content company creating next generation of blockbluster franchises for the world.



Stampede Entertainment is an independent, standalone content creation company poised to take advantage of the strengths of the old system and the advantages of the emerging one.


There are some people and ideas that cannot be stopped – some stories that have to be told. They unite the energies of everyone they touch; they turn them, and collect them into their movement with momentum and force.

These are the people and ideas we seek.

Through our platform, and with our love and support, the power of these ideas will grow. They will be surrounded by collaborators and accelerators, believers and supporters brought to the fray. And then the force will begin to be felt – power in the same direction, with the same purpose – rumbling, violent, inertial.

We are a stampede!


Greg Silverman is transitioning from being President of Warner Bros. Pictures to serving as Founder and CEO of Stampede Ventures to produce Film, Television and Digital content.

During his tenure at WB, Silverman oversaw some of the most popular and profitable movies of all time, including THE DARK KNIGHT trilogy, THE HANGOVER trilogy, INCEPTION, INTERSTELLAR, THE LEGO MOVIE, and the recently released THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. Mr. Silverman also oversaw the revitalized DC franchise titles MAN OF STEEL, BATMAN V. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, SUICIDE SQUAD, and this year’s WONDER WOMAN.


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